Meniskusverletzung kniegelenk

The inner and outer meniscus discs are both crescent shaped and are found in the knee joint. They make sure that forces are evenly distributed throughout the knee joint and even act as a form of shock absorber. If the two discs become porous over time because of incorrect loading or over-burdening, the risk of a tear is greatly increased. A tear of the meniscus can also have an acute onset, for example through some sort of injury.

With the help of an x-ray and ultrasound your orthopaedic specialist will be able to make an informed diagnosis. Not every meniscus injury requires surgery. Physical therapy can also help to heal a damaged meniscus. If surgery is deemed to be necessary, you should not wait long to undergo treatment. An injured meniscus can lead to progressive cartilage damage and bone damage, ultimately leading to knee arthritis.

  • Acute pain that increases with rotational and bending stress
  • Effusion of fluid throughout the knee joint
  • Pressure-sensitivity on the outer edge of the meniscus
  • Pain in the back of the knee and difficulty bending or stretching the leg

Not infrequently, a meniscal tear will occur together with a ligament tear or other type of knee injury. Therefore rapid assessment and treatment of the injury or injuries are necessary.

If the inner or outer meniscus tears, you may experience the following symptoms:

An arthroscopic smoothing of the knee cartilage, the suturing of a torn meniscus or the implantation of a prosthetic meniscus are the most common types of operations relating to meniscus injuries.

Meniscus injuries generally occur because of long-term over-burdening of the knee’s cartilage – either through physical activity or a job in which the knees are used more frequently.

From floorers to skiers, meniscus injuries can happen to anyone who puts their knees through repeated stress. Learn more about this type of injury and the treatments available for a full recovery.

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